How to set up autoplay for Mafia Wars on Facebook


Mafia Wars is a great game on Facebook. Millions of people are playing and the game keeps expanding and growing. To a new player it might be intimidating to fight a level 70 Mafia Wars character. Mafia Wars can take time and dedication to slowly build up your mafia.
Fortunately there is a quick and easy way to build up your mafia. It's called the Mafia Wars Autoplayer and it allows you to grow your mafia in the most efficient way possible. Once installed, the auto player will use your stamina and energy points to grow your mafia 24 hours a day. The Mafia Wars Autoplayer is easy to use and, once installed correctly, will put you on par with your friends in just a couple days.
In order to install the Mafia Wars Autoplayer you will need to follow a couple of simple steps; here they are:

Things You'll Need

  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Grease Monkey Plug-In for Firefox
  • The Mafia Wars Autoplayer script
  • Mozilla Firefox
    Make sure you have Mozilla Firefox installed as your web browser. Firefox has a plug-in called Greasemonkey that runs the mafia wars auto player in your browser. In the next step I'll show you how to download the Greasemonkey plug-in; for now, make sure you have the latest version of Firefox installed. If you do not have Firefox(Which is very similar to Internet Explorer) I put the link to Mozilla's web site in the links at the bottom of the page. Once you've installed Firefox you're ready for the next step to install the Mafia Wars Autoplayer.

  • Greasemonkey
    Greasemonkey is a script running plug-in that allows simple sets of directions to be executed in your browser. These directions are known as scripts. The Mafia Wars Autoplayer is a script that follows a logic that allows it to play Mafia Wars as efficiently as possible.
    The install process for Greasemonkey is very easy. In the links at the bottom of this page you will find one for downloading Greasemonkey; follow it. On the right hand side of the page you will see a link that says 'Download Greasemonkey'; click it. Firefox will open a plug-in window; you want to authorize installation of Greasemonkey. Once it is installed you will need to restart your Firefox browser; do so.
    If you have installed the plug-in correctly, when you re-open your Firefox browser there will be a small monkey head icon in the lower right hand corner of your browser frame. You are now ready to go get the Mafia Wars Autoplayer.

  • Install the Mafia Wars Autoplayer
    The Mafia Wars Autoplayer script is available in a few places on the net. The most reliable place to download it is at a web site called I've placed a direct link to the file in the links section below. Once you're on the Mafia Wars Autoplayer script download page simply click install. If the link takes you to a page of code it means Greasemonkey is not working or is not installed. Most likely you haven't restarted your Firefox browser after installing. When the Mafia Wars Autoplayer is installed you will see a confirmation message next to your Greasemonkey icon in the lower right hand corner of your browser frame.

  • Starting the Mafia Wars Autoplayer
    In order to start the Mafia Wars Autoplayer all you have to do is go to Facebook and go to Mafia Wars. When Mafia Wars opens, if the autoplayer is working, you will see new buttons in the upper right corner of Mafia Wars. These buttons(Pause, Settings, Help) indicate the autoplayer is running and you are ready to go. Click on the settings button and scroll through the different controls(Detailed explaination of settings in link below) for the Mafia Wars Autoplayer. With the autoplayer you can win 95% of your fights and master every level easily.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you do not see any new buttons on Mafia Wars when you restart it; close all Firefox browsers. Restart and try again. 99.9% of the time this corrects the problem.

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