How to Increase Breast Size With a Bra

Because of the high cost and potential dangers of breast augmentation surgery, many women are opting for noninvasive and less expensive alternatives. As a result, push-up bras have become very popular. The right padded bra or bra insert can give the illusion of naturally fuller breasts without surgery. Here are some bra tips that will help give your boobs a boost without breaking the bank.

Things You'll Need

  • Padded bra
  • Bra inserts


    • 1

      Get fitted. Padded bras are designed to add at least a cup size to your true size. Unless you over-pad the cups, wearing a bigger bra will not make your breasts look larger, and could actually make them appear awkward and unnatural.

    • 2

      Choose your style. Avoid bras with square-cut tops. This style will make breasts look flat. Instead, opt for demi bras or bras that plunge in the front for maximum cleavage and breast definition. Your goal should be to make your breasts look one or two cup sizes larger. Cotton bras and inserts are an option, but they tend to make breasts appear stiff and motionless. For a more natural look, try silicone-, water- or gel-filled bras and inserts. They are designed to mimic the look and movement of natural breasts.

    • 3

      Choose your fabric wisely. The wrong bra fabric could make breasts look textured or lumpy. Under form-fitting clothing, wear bras with a smooth, seamless finish, such those made with nylon, cotton and satin. Lace bras can be worn under loose-fitting clothing and during intimate moments.

    • 4

      Make an investment. If you intend to wear a padded bra every day, purchase several. And remember that you can use a few inserts to modify the bras you already own.

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