How to Take Care of a Baby Jade Succulent Plant


Having a reputation for being some of the easiest succulents to grow, the jade plant is native to South Africa and is often referred to as the elephant bush, money tree or small-leaf jade. These water-retaining plants can thrive both indoors and outdoors, and because of their nondemanding requirements, they are often recommended to beginning growers. With just some basic supplies, you can take care of your own baby jade plant and enjoy it for many years.

Things You'll Need

  • Water
  • Fertilizer
  • Garden shears
  • Different-size pots
  • Soil
  • Magnifying glass (10x)
  • Systemic insecticide
  • Position your baby jade plant either in an indoor area that receives sunlight, or opt to place it outdoors where it receives full sunlight. These succulents enjoy arid conditions, so be sure that they are protected from temperatures that dip below 50 degrees.

  • Allow the soil to become almost dry and then water it lightly. With this botanical, too much water can actually kill it, so allow the soil to dry out between watering cycles.

  • Apply fertilizer to the soil at about 1/4 of the recommended strength on the package. Continue to feed the baby jade plant during its water cycle while it is still growing.

  • Style the plant, if preferred, by allowing the soil to completely dry and then using garden shears to cut out unwanted branches and/or buds. Gently water during this time to encourage a fast recovery.

  • Wait for the soil to dry and re-pot the plant, if applicable, in a larger pot when it outgrows the old one. After placing the baby jade in its new container, prune back any week spots and fill in any gaps with fresh soil. Place the plant in a shaded location just until you see new growth, and then move it back to its usual location and resume your regular watering schedule.

  • Examine the leaves of the baby jade with a magnifying glass (10x) to ensure that pests, such as red spiders, have not set up home there. If you find any, apply a systemic insecticide by following the directions on the container.

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