How to Start a Worm Farm for Profit


Worm farms may not necessarily be what comes to mind when you think of opening a profitable business, but many factors make a for-profit worm farm quite attractive. Most materials for a worm farm can be had cheaply or for free, and the cost of running the business is minimal. With such low overhead, turning a profit by selling worms is quite easy. There are a few essential steps to starting this business that any entrepreneur must take.

Things You'll Need

  • Business license
  • Worm frames
  • Relationships with other businesses
  • Obtain a business license by visiting the local auditor's office or courthouse and completing an application for a vendor's resale license. Pay the small fee (around $20-$25) and get a copy of the license to post in your store space.

  • Set up your worm frames. The frames are essentially long, thin boxes without lids. You will want to fill the boxes with a 50/50 mixture of soil and coffee grounds. The coffee grounds will help increase the nutrients available to the worms.

  • Fill the boxes with worms, but not more than six worms to 1 square foot of space. The worms will reproduce fast and fill the boxes quickly.

  • Begin advertising either by word of mouth or set up signs near fishing shops and stores. Price your worms effectively ($5 for a dozen or so) and you will turn a profit quickly.

Tips & Warnings

  • Another source of income can be hauling away coffee grounds from local coffee shops. Offer this service for a small fee and then use the coffee grounds in your worm frames.

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