How to Catch Rabbits in a Live Trap


Wild rabbits are not difficult to catch live with the right trap, bait and placement. You may want to catch rabbits to relocate them out of your garden or yard if they are being destructive to your property. Rabbits are skittish and stay in brush and thickets, live in burrows in the ground and eat fresh greens and other foods determined by time of year. If you are trapping a live rabbit for relocation, be sure that it is legal in your state to do so.

Things You'll Need

  • Live animal trap, wood or cage
  • Bait
  • Find where the rabbits live. Rabbits use the same trails repeatedly, so if you can find a rabbit trail, that is a good place to set a trap. You can also set the traps outside of rabbit holes.

  • Set a wood trap, which is a wood box with a pole attached to a string that will be knocked down when the rabbit goes for the bait, trapping him. You can also use a cage trap, but these are more expensive. Set the trap on the rabbit trail or near a rabbit hole.

  • Put bait in the trap. During the winter, use bread, corn on the cob and dried apples. For summer months, use fresh vegetables and apples.

  • Check your trap daily for a captured rabbit. Once you have captured him, find out from your humane society where to relocate him.

Tips & Warnings

  • Vanilla extract can help remove the human scent. Spraying apple cider can do the same thing.
  • Be wary of other animals caught in your trap. Always be careful when opening a trap. Captured animals are afraid and may bite or lash out.

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