How to Get Rid of Yellow Teeth


Knowing how to get rid of yellow teeth will help you remove stains and have a brighter smile. Yellow stained teeth look gross and not well taken care of. However, yellow teeth can be naturally yellow, not caused by anything that you have done. Whiten your teeth today to get rid of the yellow stained teeth look.

  • Baking Soda

    Brush and clean your teeth using your normal toothbrush, water and baking soda. Run the head of your tooth brush under water and then dip it into a box of baking soda. Brush all of your teeth thoroughly in an up and down motion. Remember to brush all sides of your teeth. You can whiten teeth with baking soda, but if they are still not what you wanted, move onto the next step.

  • Hydrogen Peroxide Rinse

    Mix half and half water and 3% household hydrogen peroxide in a glass bowl or cup. Take some into your mouth and rinse your mouth with the mixture. Spit out the mixture. Although it is safe to have inside your mouth, do not drink the mixture. Hydrogen peroxide is used in most teeth whitening mixtures from the drugstore and dentist. Hydrogen peroxide helps keep your mouth clean, helps with cuts and cleans and whitens your teeth.

    You can whiten teeth naturally with the products you already have in your bathroom.

  • Rinse

    Rinse your mouth out thoroughly with water.

  • Brush

    Brush your teeth with your normal toothbrush and your favorite toothpaste. It is best if you use a whitening and tartar control toothpaste. It will keep your teeth whiten and prevent tartar build up.

    Brush your teeth at least twice per day. It is best if you can brush after every meal. It is important to use a soft toothbrush and a toothpaste that you enjoy the taste of, so that you brush longer.

    Knowing how to get rid of yellow teeth will help you to have a brighter smile and white teeth.

  • Avoid Staining Products

    Keep your teeth white by avoid foods and bad habits that stain your teeth yellow in the first place.

    Smoking, coffee, and tea are notorious for staining your teeth, but did you know that other foods such as blueberries, mustard, pomegranate, cranberries and chocolate also stain teeth.

    If you do eat foods that stain, be sure to brush your teeth with your whitening toothpaste or chew teeth whitening gum immediately after eating the staining food.

    If you want more information on how to get rid of yellow teeth, ask your dentist.

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