How to Make Tall Wedding Centerpieces

Making tall wedding centerpieces allows you to get creative and build centerpieces that will leave guests in awe when they enter your reception. Decide what kind of centerpieces you want and which elements are important to you. For example, you can use branches, flowers, fruit, candles, feathers or any other items you wish. Consider the colors and theme of your wedding, along with other details, such as the season and location.

Things You'll Need

  • Tall vases or bases
  • Filler (flowers, branches, etc.)
  • Decorative elements (candles, crystals, etc.)
  1. Branches

    • 1

      Select vases at least 12 inches high. The vases should be wide enough to hold a few branches without appearing overwhelmed, but slim enough to allow guests to comfortably converse around them.

    • 2

      Gather twigs and small branches that are 2 feet to 3 feet long. You can leave them as they are for a natural look or spray-paint them to match your wedding colors.

    • 3

      Arrange the branches in the vase so they're spread out at the top. Secure them by adding water or acrylic water in a clear vase, or pebbles, stones or rocks in a colored or clear vase.

    • 4

      Decorate the tops of your branches by attaching a few single blooms or hanging strings of crystals from some of the branches. Add low decorations on the table, such as votive candles around the vase, a single matching bloom at each table setting or loose pebbles or crystals that match those in the vase.


    • 1

      Fill tall, slim vases with water, stones, seashells, crystals or fruit to stabilize your arrangement. Acrylic water can be used with silk flowers if you purchase the vases and won't be selling them after your wedding. Use a filler that matches the color and theme of your wedding.

    • 2

      Choose fresh or silk flowers according to the colors of your wedding. Large, full blooms will draw visual interest up, which is where you want your guests to look when using tall wedding centerpieces. Flowers also can be submerged in the water and wound around the inside of a clear vase.

    • 3

      Sprinkle flower petals or place small tea-light or votive candles around the base of the vase. Use decorations sparingly so the focus goes up, not down to the table.

Tips & Warnings

  • Instead of twigs, use large ostrich feathers for a formal or winter wedding.
  • Use one tall arrangement at the center of each round table or spread them by 2 feet to 3 feet intervals along a long table.
  • Use small, low-key items to decorate the table so they don't appear bare, but use a minimal approach so you don't detract from the tall centerpiece.
  • Tall arrangements may look overwhelming in a small room or a room with low ceilings. In a large room or room with high ceilings, tall arrangements will help fill space and create a dramatic affect.
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