How to Get Rid of Rat Bats


Although bats serve an important role in the environment by eating up to 3,000 insects each night, they can become hazardous when they roost in an area occupied by people. Old wives tales suggest that bats can be scared away with bright lights, ammonia and ultrasonic equipment. However, a bat infestation can only be fully cured by creating a physical barrier that prevents them from entering a house.

Things You'll Need

  • Bird netting (or something similar)
  • Duct tape or stapler
  • Observe your home for bat entry points. About half an hour before dusk, begin watching areas with suspected bat infestations to see the point from which the bats are entering and leaving. Bats often enter through multiple openings, so keep your eyes open for several areas of your house that may need attention.

  • Staple or duct tape the bird netting over the entry points, beginning several inches above the hole and continuing several inches below. This will allow remaining bats to leave, but prevent the other bats from reentering.

  • Wait several days, allowing all the bats to leave. Sealing the area before the bats are able to leave will trap the dead bats inside.

  • Take down the netting and repair or thoroughly seal off the entry point.

Tips & Warnings

  • Avoid bat-proofing your house during June or July, because young bats are often left inside even after the adult bats leave. Bat-proof your house sooner rather than later. Breeding allows bat populations to increase up to double each year.
  • Check the inside of your home for bat entry points before sealing off an exterior hole. Failure to do this may force remaining bats into the interior of your home.

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