How to Control Termites in the Garden


Termites infest houses, buildings and yards in colonies that rival beehives for sheer numbers. They feed on the wood that makes up the framework of houses, and can cause massive structural damage. Houses that have been infested by termites can become unsafe from damaged and weakened wood. Because termites exist in colonies, killing them is a matter of attacking the colony rather than individuals. If you've seen termites in your garden, chances are good that they'll eventually find your house. Treat the problem quickly.

Things You'll Need

  • Liquid termite treatment
  • Termite traps
  • Borate termite treatment
  • Slow-acting termite pesticide


  • Attempt to locate the colony. Locations for termite colonies are attics, inside walls, in burrows underneath the building and in trees close to the building. If you're only seeing termites in your garden, chances are good that the colony is located in that area, rather than inside your house.

  • Spray liquid termite treatment onto an exposed colony, if you can find it.

  • Spray liquid termite insecticide around the outside of the garden even if you've found the colony. This will build a barrier and keep termites from coming into the area. Pump plenty of liquid into the ground surrounding the garden to prevent termite infestations in the future.

  • Set termite bait systems in your garden, and in the surrounding area. If you have located the colony, place termite traps close to that area. Bait the traps with only wood at first. Check them after a few days. If there are termites inside, replace the wood with a slow-acting pesticide available at your local home and garden store. The pesticide will be spread through the colony when the termite returns home.

  • Coat any exposed wood in your garden with a borate treatment. Borate causes a malfunction in the termite's digestive system, which kills it.

Tips & Warnings

  • Maintain termite baits and barriers to keep termites from infesting your garden in the future.
  • Fumigation is expensive and only works on some breeds of termites. It also might not work in a garden. Try other remedies before you request fumigation.

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