How to Fix an Invisible Dog Fence


Having an invisible dog fence keeps your dog from running off, and it saves you the expense and view obstruction of having a traditional type of fence. However, if you ever have to repair a hole in an invisible dog fence, it will be trickier than mending a hole in a traditional fence. If the invisible dog fence is under warranty, you may be able to get the company to fix it without being charged. If there is no warranty or you installed it yourself, you might have to pay to get the fence repaired. Before you make the service call, try this method of invisible dog-fence repair.

Verify that you have a fence break. The error indicator may be going off but you should still do a quick test before proceeding. Remove the invisible dog fence wires from the transmitter jacks. Using a small bit of wire, place each end into a separate transmitter jack. If the error indicator goes away, it means there is a break somewhere in your invisible dog fence.

Buy an RF choke, a small device that will complete the circuit and allow your transmitter to emit the frequency. Take each of the dog-fence wires and wrap them around the RF choke leads. Place the end of the RF choke into the transmitter jacks. The circuit is complete and the transmitter will send out the frequency, even though it is broken.

Find the radio frequency of your invisible dog fence by checking the paperwork that came with your system. If you cannot find the frequency, simply take a portable AM radio and search the frequencies until you find the correct one. The correct frequency will sound like very fast tapping or beeping over the radio.

Walk along the entire dog fence with your AM radio tuned to the correct frequency. The reason you should walk along the entire dog fence is so that you will not confuse a weak signal with no signal. Once you have a walked the entire dog fence, the drop in the radio frequency at the fence break will be obvious.

Carefully expose the underground wiring in the spot (or spots) where you think your invisible dog fence has the break. Go slowly and do not cut or damage the wire any further during the digging. Using a piece of wire, connect the two ends. You can do this by simply twisting each broken wire end to one side of the new wire and covering the connections with a waterproof wire connector.

Back at the signal transmitter, remove the RF choke and place the invisible fence wires back into the transmitter jacks. If the transmitter indicates no fence break, go back and bury the repaired line.

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