How to Use a Newton Spring Scale


The spring scale and the balance both measure the weight of an object. The balance compares the weight of an unknown object with that of a standard weight. The spring scale compares the displacement of the spring with the force needed to extend the spring. It is based on Hooke's law, stating that the force is proportional to the displacement on a spring by a spring constant k.

  • Hang the object on the hook of the spring. If more than one spring scale is hung together, the measurement of the first spring scale will be the weight of the object plus the weight of the second spring scale.

  • Confirm that the weight of the object falls within the capable range of the spring scale. Some spring scales measure up to 10 newtons, while others can measure up to 1,000 newtons.

  • Calculate the difference of the spring scale by subtracting the initial value (without the object) from the final value (with the object) taken from the measurements on the side of the scale.


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