How to Diagnose Problems With Apple Trees


Apple trees make a lovely addition to any yard, garden or property. You can use their fruit for cooking or use their leaves for shade. They are not hard to cultivate or take care of. Nevertheless, no matter how well you plant or tend to your apple trees, they can develop common apple problems over the seasons. To diagnose your apple tree problems, you must carefully examine each part of the tree and recognize the symptoms of common problems.

  • Check the fruit for small brown spots. This can be a sign of a fungus called black rot. If it is black rot, the brown spots will expand and darken to black. You should also check the fruit for worms or worm tunnels. These can be a sign of apple maggots or codling moths.

  • Check for dead or withered blossoms, which can be signs of the fire blight fungus, a serious apple tree pest. Your apple tree shoots will look scorched and turn brown or black. Reddish bark lesions that ooze an orange-brown liquid will also accompany the dead blossoms.

  • Examine the leaves for signs of apple tree problems. Leaves should be free of discoloration or mold. They should also not curl or pucker. These are all signs of apple tree diseases such as cedar apple rust and mildew.

  • Look for signs of infestation. Do the bark and leaves look eaten or chewed upon? Are there egg masses on the truck or the shoots? Do you find telltale green spots on the underside of the leaves or little white dots on the top of the leaves? If so, your apple tree could have a pest infestation, such as aphids.

  • Consult a tree specialist or your local gardening center about the symptoms. He will be able to verify your findings and suggest treatment. Alternatively, you can crosscheck your apple tree symptoms with pictures. Once you have verified the apple tree problems, treat them accordingly.

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