How to Write an Audit Report

Though a difficult task, conducting an audit is a necessity for organizations in highly regulated industries, as well as those that wish to make improvements to process productivity and efficiency. Writing the report often makes up the most difficult portion of the audit process; while you want a comprehensive report, you also want to make it user-friendly so management and others looking at your audit can make the best decisions based on its findings.


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      Include a front page with the name of the organization, project title, audit lead and date. For reports longer than 5 pages, include a table of contents.

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      Start with an executive summary relating your findings with a brief abstract of the issues, state of the findings and conclusions.

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      Include a background summary. This should provide the background for why you conducted the audit. Discuss how your organization assembled audit team and why it made the audit a priority.

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      Provide objectives and standards. The objectives detail the project's goals, and standards inform the reader what format you used to conduct the audit. If you conducted the audit with the goal of setting standards, state this here.

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      Include a section on methodology. This should provide the reader with the population for the sample, rationale for how you chose the sample, the size of the audit and the time period in which you conducted it.

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      End with results and conclusions. Use charts and percentages to help readers to visualize your findings. Put the conclusion in terms anyone in the organization can understand, and make sure the conclusion directly ties back to audit objectives.

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