How to Stop Sweaty or Wet Hands and Feet


Stop Sweaty or Wet Hands and Feet! This condition is called hyperhydrosis, it involves hyper active sweat glands on either your hands, feet, or underarms, sometimes all three. With this condition you can start sweating with no provocation at all, sometimes when you're perfectly relaxed. This condition causes much embarrassment and can hinder personal and professional relationships. The most effective treatment option is an iontophoresis machine. These are readily available in the USA and can be ordered online. If you have a doctor's recommendation, some insurances will even cover them. The most popular and easiest to use is the Drionic device at Here are the steps to having a sweat free future!

  • First, once you've ordered your device, it will arrive with felt pads and batteries. Insert the batteries. The device itself comes with instructions, but after years of experience with this machine, here are my steps to being sweat free.

  • Next, the first time you treat, you'll want to fill the machine up with as hot of water as you can stand. Place the palm of your hand on the high end and your fingers in the pool of water. Turn the machine on half blast at first and if that doesn't bother you, turn it all the way up. This seems really scary, but honestly you can barely feel it once you're used to it. It helps to pop in a movie or do it during a good TV show. Sitting on the floor gives the best hand positioning. Do it for 30 minutes the first day.

  • The very next day, you'll start full treatments. This means an hour a day for 14 days straight. Pick a TV show or movie and do it regularly. During this time, you may notice that your hands and/or feet are sweating even more than usual. This is normal and will go away.

  • After 14 days, even if your hands are still sweating, stop the treatments. Within 3 days, your hands will stop sweating. To maintain the sweat free hands or feet, do 1 hour treatments every 2 weeks. If you don't re-treat your hands, they will return to their sweaty state.

  • Finally, this product has been a lifesaver for me personally and I've used it for years with complete satisfaction. I also notice that when I have used it my feet and underarms also sweat less, amazing! When you are in need of replacement parts, go to I usually buy replacement batteries in bulk from them to save on shipping, each pair of batteries only lasts for a few treatments. Good luck!

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