How to Stop Yellow Spots in Lawn From Dog Urine


The most effective way to stop yellow or brown urine spots from developing in your yard is by preventing dogs from urinating in the grass, though you also may be able to improve the appearance of spots by making adjustments to your dog's diet. If you can stop the lawn damage before it occurs, you won't have to worry about fixing those spots later.

Your Dog's Diet

Increasing water consumption can dilute the nitrogen levels in urine and therefore may help cut down on the development of brown or yellow spots if your dog urinates on your lawn. Always be sure to provide plenty of clean fresh water to your pet. Do not attempt to give any home remedies or products to increase water consumption without having a discussion with your veterinarian about potential drawbacks or health consequences that could be related to using those remedies.

Supplements are available that claim to be able to change the composition of your dog's urine to eliminate or reduce lawn discoloration. The University of Colorado says, "There are no dietary supplements that have been scientifically proven to reduce either the incidence or severity of dog spotting in lawns." They also caution that these products may not be safe for your dog.

Train Your Dog

Your dog has to go to the bathroom somewhere. If you don't want him to use your lawn as a potty, select an area where he is allowed to do his business. Train your dog to use the bathroom in an acceptable area. The University of Colorado recommends selecting an area that is free of turf or located somewhere that you will not mind the mess. You may choose an area where you have placed gravel or mulch.

  • Mark the area with a different type of ground covering or a landmark so that your dog can identify it. 
  • When you start training your dog to use the new bathroom area, use a leash to take him to that area every time. 
  • Do not allow him to go where you do not want him to. 
  • Praise him or reward him when he uses the bathroom in the appropriate location. 
  • Spend at least two weeks using this leash method before you begin to increase his freedom. 
  • Be consistent in your training. 

Prevent Urination On Your Lawn

If you have a problem with neighborhood dogs coming onto your lawn to use the bathroom, you may have a slightly more difficult time stopping them. The simplest way to stop loose dogs from using the bathroom in your yard is to fence the yard.

If putting up a fence isn't an option, use motion-activated sprinklers to deter loose dogs from coming onto your lawn. You also can spray your yard with pet deterrent products to make your yard unappealing.

If you know the owners of the loose dogs, ask them to keep their dogs out of your yard. Many municipalities have laws against allowing dogs to run loose. The authorities may handle the problem for you if local ordinances are violated.

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