How to Remove Mice Without Killing Them


Mice are common throughout North America. While they may look cute, these furry critters can quickly become a nuisance if they are present in your home. The mice may not only eat your food, chew wires and dig holes through your walls, but they may also carry dangerous diseases. There are many lethal traps and toxic poisons on the market that can be used to kill mice. Those with small children or pets, or who wish to live a humane lifestyle, should try a non-lethal method of mouse removal.

Things You'll Need

  • 5-gallon plastic bucket
  • Piece of lumber
  • Peanut butter
  • Humane mouse trap
  • Predator spray or cat litter
  • Build a homemade live mouse trap. Place a 5-gallon plastic bucket in your kitchen, bathroom or any area in which you have a mouse problem. Lean a piece of lumber against the outside of the bucket to create a sloping ramp to the top of the bucket's edge.

  • Drop a tablespoon-sized dollop of peanut butter at the bottom of the bucket. Peanut butter is a powerful mouse attractant. The mouse, or mice, will smell the peanut butter and climb up the bucket using the ramp. Once they jump into the bucket, they will not be able to climb out due to the high, slippery sides on the inside of the bucket.

  • Use a humane mouse trap, available from many pet stores as well as online retailers such as Amazon (see Resources). Example products include Humane Mousetrap's Smart Mouse Trap and Kness' Tip-Trap Live Capture Mouse Trap. These traps work as effectively as commercial lethal traps but do not kill the mice, trapping them alive in a plastic enclosure.

  • Release any mice you catch. For best results, release them several miles from your home so that they do not simply return to your house.

  • Deter the mice by using predator-infused scents. These trick the mice into thinking there is a hungry predator in your home, effectively scaring them away. Example products include PredatorPee's BobcatPee and Critter Ridders' Bobcat Urine. Spray in your kitchen, bedroom, bathroom or anywhere you may have noticed a mouse. Alternatively, set up a box of used cat litter in the room.

  • Drive the mice away using an ultrasonic rodent repellent. These remove the mice by emitting a high-frequency noise that is intolerable to the rodents' ears. Example products include Agrizap's Ultrasonic Rodent Repeller and P3 International's Attack Wave Pestrepeller.

Tips & Warnings

  • Non-lethal mouse traps, repellents and ultrasonic devices are child- and pet-safe, and rid your home of rodent pests quickly.

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