How to Bait a Skunk


Skunks are known for eliminating insect and animal pests such as beetles, cutworms, crickets and mice. Yet, they also have a tendency to eat garden vegetables and fruit, kill poultry and eat their eggs, and dig cone-shaped holes in landscapes. There is also a possibility of a skunk being rabid, as well as dousing humans or animals with its pungent and long-lasting spray. When people experience the less than endearing actions of a skunk, they often choose to trap the animal, and remove it permanently from their property.

Things You'll Need

  • Live-animal trap (at least 7 x 7 x 24 feet in size)
  • Tarp, canvas cover or old blanket (large enough to cover the cage)
  • Skunk bait

How to Bait a Skunk

  • Purchase or borrow a live-animal trap that is at least 7 x 7 x 24 feet in size. The trap needs to be big enough to accommodate a skunk.

  • Place the trap downwind and away from any buildings. There is a chance that a captured skunk will spray.

  • Place skunk bait on a small plate, at the far end of the inside of the live trap. There are many things from which you can choose to bait the trap such as sardines, fish-flavored canned cat food, chicken entrails or bacon.

    If you are worried about attracting cats with strong smelling bait, you can choose something milder such as bread crusts coated with peanut butter, apple slices or mayonnaise.

  • Use a tarp, canvas cover or old blanket to cover the back half of the trap, including the trap's end and walls.

    The cover will provide the skunk with shelter in adverse weather conditions, and it will also allow you to approach the trap without being seen by a trapped skunk. Bring along an extra cover to drape over the uncovered half of the cage, in case you find that there is a skunk in the trap. This will help prevent the skunk from becoming nervous and spraying.

  • Check the trap daily. If you find that you have a skunk, you can call a wildlife removal service in your area, or you can relocate the skunk to another area.

Tips & Warnings

  • Be as quiet as possible when dealing with a skunk in a trap. Any loud noises or movements can cause a nervous skunk to spray.

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