How to Fix a Broken Heart and Avoid Depression


Suffering from a broken heart is typical and something we've all gone through. In fact, if you dwell on it this can lead to depression in the long run. Depression is a very serious condition that can be caused from broken hearts. Overcoming the sadness in relationship breakups, or just something that has effected you can be a struggle. Hard times require extra effort and commitment. Adversity and challenges is something we have to prepare for in life, and try to make a good situation out of a bad one. You have to develop the right mindset to overcome it. It's a step process on doing this and you should follow it. Let your emotions out first, then develop control second.

Reflect on your feelings and don't hide them. Getting through something requires not running from them, or being in denial. You're emotionally hurt, don't hide these feelings. Don't pretend to feel something or avoid what you're going through. It can work in the beginning ignoring these feelings, or convincing yourself it's nothing. Being in denial doesn't work. Most people tend to say forget what happen, and just move on. You can't just move on with the snap of the fingers.

Before you move on you have to face it. Otherwise what you're feeling will sneak up on you later, or just slowly start to eat at you. Reflect on your sadness, pain, and let it out. Don't let it out in any destructive ways, like drinking or doing drugs. Sometimes you got to fall down, before you can get back up. Cliche as it sounds, this is the process needed when you've suffered from a broken heart, and you're feeling a bit depressed and down over it. You need to build yourself back up. You can't ignore the difficult parts of it, you'll have to go through the tough part first. That requires being surrounded by your emotional pain.

Develop a new thought process. Once you've let it out and have taken some time to face and grieve over it. Then you can take the next step on recovering from your broken heart. If you end up becoming destructive because what has happen, you'll not get over this. Some people never get over broken hearts. They take what happens, it makes them bitter, and their interactions and actions are motivated from their situation. A broken heart to be fixed, should make you become a better person, not a worse one. Let go of that anger and pain of what has happen.

Forgive if you're angry. Accept a goodbye, if that is what has happen. Learn to let go and move on. Sometimes we want to hold onto the pass, instead of heading to the future of our lives. You can't live life in the past, otherwise you'll go backwards instead of forwards. You learn from the past, and move forward with the future. That is life. Take something positive out of the situation and hold onto that instead of the bitterness and sadness. Your mindset will allow you to carry or sink you in this process. That is why you have to accept what has happen, grieve and get angry first. Let these emotions out, then take the approach of forgiving and accepting. Otherwise you're going to hold onto this broken heart for a very long time. A broken heart can curse people for good.

Change your game. Change is something that can happen and provide us humans with new emotions, wants, needs and desires in life. Sometimes you need to grow and adapt into new roles when moving on from emotional pain. Some people feel we as humans do not change. I'm not sure I believe that. People are the ones who set themselves up with limits in life, and these limits are what doesn't allow them to change. Fear is only something you see inside yourself, that allows people to be scared. We do have the ability to make choices and control more than we care to realize. You have the power to embrace things that are different and just do things you've never done before. How can we determine who we really are when there is so much to experience in the world. So many things to see, try, and experience will process a new way of life into one persons mind. I'd take a mental vacation of who you are, and do everything you've never done for awhile. It's healthy exercise for oneself. See things you've never see, and you'll come back an entirely different person.

Grab onto the ones close to you. Never underestimate a good friend or family support. Going through a broken heart should bring you closer to those around you. If you've been in a bad relationship, it should let you appreciate the ones who are still there for you. Don't pull away from people, pull toward them. If you start to be shut off with others, it develops more bitterness, loneliness, along with possible depression. So reach out to people and don't use past experiences to effect how you treat them in a negative matter.

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