How to Inject Sustanon 250


Sustanon 250 is an injectable testosterone medication available by prescription. Schering-Plough, the company that manufactures the drug, warns against using the medication for body-building or for any other nonprescribed use. If you are a male who has been prescribed Sustanon to increase testosterone levels, however, you will need to know how to inject the medication.

  • Take a shower and wash your body thoroughly with soap and water. Very clean skin is important for a safe injection.

  • Wipe the area where you will inject the medication with an alcohol wipe. The best place to give the injection is the upper outer quadrant of the buttocks. The lateral side of the thigh is the second best site. Sastanon must be injected into a muscle.

  • Wipe the top of the vial from which the medicine will be drawn with alcohol. Remove a new syringe from its wrapper, take the cap off, draw about 2 cc of air into it and then insert it into the vial.

  • Inject the air into the vial. Then turn the vial upside down and slowly draw out enough medicine to equal at least 1/2 more cc than what you need to inject (the amount you are prescribed). Tap the side of the syringe to get the air bubbles out, then inject the extra medication back into the vial. Remove the needle from the vial.

  • Tap the side of the syringe again while holding the syringe needle side up until all the air bubbles come to the top. Push the air bubbles out until a drop or two of the medication comes out.

  • Relax the muscle of the injection site and insert the needle quickly at a 90-degree angle into the cleaned area. Inject the medication slowly, then withdraw the needle quickly.

  • Cover the injection spot with a clean cotton ball and tape it into place.

Tips & Warnings

  • Wash your hands before and after giving yourself the injection and do not allow the needle to touch any surface. Dispose of all waste, including needles, safely.
  • Ask your doctor to show you how to inject your medication the first time if you are not confident about your ability to do it yourself.

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