How to Write a Sales Goal Report


Challenging sales goals provide encouragement and objectives for sales staff while accurate sales goals provide good data for business managers to use in forecasting and company planning initiatives. You should strive to have goals that are challenging, yet obtainable. You will be judged based on your ability to accurately forecast your sales and your initiative to increase your sales quotas. When drafting your sales goals, ensure your goals are measurable, reasonable and match the time period for best results.

  • Write a brief introduction that provides a quick review of prior period sales objectives and outcomes. Address any changes in the sales climate and factors that could influence your current period sales performance. For example, if your company is running a promotion that you believe will dramatically increase your sales, outline how many will occur because of the promotion.

  • Write specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely goals. When you craft goals that are specific, you have a better chance of achieving your objectives and you must have goals that can be measured in order to know whether you meeting your goals. While unrealistic goals may look impressive on paper, they will not get you far when you are unable to meet them, so write goals that are realistic and attainable. Tie each goal to the time frame you are forecasting and keep in mind any seasonal affects when crafting your sales goals.

  • Discuss your how you will track and measure your sales progress. Include checkpoints during the period and sales reports you plan to deliver. Provide action steps you will take if sales are not meeting your objectives during the sales period.

  • Outline any requirements you have to meet your sales objectives. For example, if you need a travel budget for sales presentations, discount offers or trial samples, discuss your need in your sales goal report. Provide a justification of costs and discuss the anticipated ROI, or return on investment, for any requirements.

  • Write a short summary of your goals, possibly in graphical format. If you are drafting goals for multiple products or sales employees, break down the goals by individual and product. Whenever appropriate, list client-specific sales goals.

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