How to Buy Scrap IC Chips


Scrap IC chips refer to integrated circuit (IC) chips that have been removed from electronics. The scrap IC chips are purchased as a way to access the gold that is found inside of them. Since the gold is in small amounts, bulk lots are often desired in order to prove profitable. If you are looking into buying scrap IC chips, you can find multiple vendors.

Things You'll Need

  • Money
  • Computer with Internet
  • Check for the scrap IC chips at a recycling center. Recycling centers typically accept scrap electronics that contain IC chips. If you don't know of any local recycling centers, look up the nearest locations online through a website like Earth 911.

  • Look through the classifieds on a recycling trader website. On these types of sites, you can find both buyers and sellers of scrap IC chips. Retrieve the contact information from the ad in order to get in touch with the seller of scrap IC chips. One example of this type of website is the Recycler's Exchange.

  • Purchase scrap IC chips through international suppliers. Foreign exporters will often sell broken-down electronics like IC chips to interested parties. As an example, a global trade site you can use is EC Plaza.

  • Find out the condition of the scrap IC chips that you are purchasing. IC chips typically come in plastic holders. If you are looking to access the gold found on the chip, you need to have the holder removed. When the IC chips are not completely broken down, you will need to use a screwdriver to remove the casing.

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