How to Breed Teddy Bear Hamsters


The teddy bear hamster is one of the common breeds you find at the pet store. They are considered a medium-breed hamster. Not only are teddy bear hamsters cute, they make great pets are easy to breed. Obtaining a male and female around six weeks of age allows them time to become comfortable with their surroundings. Males and females should be kept in their own cages and not housed together. Teddy bear hamsters should be bred around ten weeks of age and the female should be at least 3 1/2 oz. to ensure a healthy litter. The females only have around six litters total.

Things You'll Need

  • 2 cages
  • Scoop
  • Fresh bedding
  • High-protein, high-fat foods

Keep the male and female in separate cages until you're ready to breed them. Remove the female out of her cage using a scoop or cup.

Introduce the female to the male’s cage, never the other way around. Some aggression is normal; allow it to take place.

Watch to see if the female is receptive. She will arch her back and stand still with her tail raised. Do not disturb the breeding, which will last approximately 20 minutes. If the female is not receptive, try again the next night.

Ensure the female has a clean cage. Return the female to her cage the same night.

Do not disturb the female for the first 12 days after breeding. Provide her with fresh water and food.

Thoroughly clean the female’s cage on the twelfth day. Add extra bedding and plenty of food. Be careful not to disturb the female.

Provide lots of foods with high fat and protein while she is pregnant and nursing, such as nuts, seeds, carrots and milk. Lower the water bottle to a level the babies can reach.

Do not touch the pups or clean the cage until the babies open their eyes around day 16.

Separate males and females once they are weaned.

Tips & Warnings

  • Litters typically consist of 8 pups, but can include anywhere from 2 to 16 babies.

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