How to Buy the Best Dog Food

Healthy dog food
Healthy dog food (Image:

Using a high quality dog food can improve your dogs health. Most dog foods contain dyes which are eliminated in an all natural dog food. A good diet does cost more but it does benefit your dog more than a low cost run of the mill product. High quality dog food is a better choice due to its ingredients compared to regular dog food. But what dog food do I use? Explore my article for tips and hints to help you decide what food to get for your dog.

Things You'll Need

  • High quality dog food
  • High quality wet food
  • Natural biscuits

There are a lot of decisions to be made when feeding your dog. There are natural diets, prescription diets, dry food, and wet food. Natural diets that are dry food are costly because it's all natural without dyes and everything is processed as natural. These diets contain antioxidants which are high in vegetables such as carrots, green peppers, and dark or orange vegetables. Natural dog food has taken off due to the pet food fiasco which poisoned dogs and cats due to unwanted chemicals in the food. Find a brand of dog food that your dog likes then keep the dog on this diet unless your veterinarian advises you to switch to a prescription diet which is only available at animal clinics.

Natural dog food
Natural dog food

Prescription diets are recommended when your dog has a type of medical problem like diabetes, allergies, overweight, and the food comes in dry or wet. If your veterinarian advises the use of one of these types of foods then it is better to feed your dog the prescription diet as it is tailored to help with your dogs medical problem. One type of renal problem is bladder stones and with the use of K/D this will keep your dog from developing future bladder stones. It's better to feed this type of food because it's made with ingredients that are less stressful on the dogs kidneys.

K/D dog food for renal ailments
K/D dog food for renal ailments

Dry food verses wet food some dogs like their dry food dampened with water whereas some like it dry with no added water. Canned dog food is in the category of what is known as wet food because it's moist and it is more palatable to the dog. Some dogs like a combination of dry and wet mixed together with warm water. Don't worry your dog will let you know how he/she likes it. There are so many different dry and wet foods that you'll have to experiment around with to see what your dog likes best. Natural dry food has no added dyes whereas other dry food types have dye added to their food products. It's something that you and your dog have to work out together to find what type of dry food your dog desires.

High quality dry dog food
High quality dry dog food

Tips & Warnings

  • Feed a prescription diet if recommended by your veterinarian
  • Experiment around with the various types of dog food available today
  • Try the different types of dog foods, dry, wet, and some not mentioned here like semi-moist brands
  • If you own a large dog don't exercise it right after eating wait about an hour or so, this will prevent gastric torsion
  • Always have fresh water available
  • Prescription diets should be fed if your veterinarian suggests it

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