How to Learn to Do Bhangra Dance Kick Steps


Bhangra dance originated in the Punjab area of India. Originally it was a folk dance in celebration of the harvest. The driving beat of the Bhangra is provided by the dhol, a type of drum. Bhangra became popular in Britain during the 1980s. Its popularity spread and Bhangra evolved into a fusion of popular culture incorporating hip hop moves. Bhangra style dance was given a boost by the films of Bollywood, and particularly by the spectacular success of films such as "Slumdog Millionaire." Bhangra has become a global phenomenon; universities offer Bhangra classes, and competitions and the Bhangra workout at many gyms is very popular.

Things You'll Need

  • Comfortable clothes
  • Comfortable shoes
  • Stand with a relaxed posture, knees slightly bent but in a wide stand and arms stretched out to the side. Hop on one foot, lift the opposite leg to the side, knee bent, and touch the toe to the floor. Lift the leg again and clap your hands in front of you. This is the simple Bedi.

  • Move forward, with a hop to each step. Kick one leg forward and then the other. Swing arms forward and back, opposite each leg kick. Move backward with the same hop. The leg behind is bent and arms are low, rounded and in front. This is the Haati Chal.

  • Hop on one foot and bend and lift the other foot to the side. Do a double toe touch and change feet. For each two touches, clap the hands in front. Do two more toe touches and raise the arms above the head and circle the hands. This is the Sheesha.

  • Hop on one foot. Lift the other leg and do a double toe tap slightly in front and little to the side. Bring one arm in front of the chest and the other arm out to the side, so that both arms are in the same direction. The arms and shoulders move up and down with each hop. This is the side pump.

  • Hop on one foot. Lift the other leg with a bent knee in front. While hopping do a double toe tap. Change feet. The arms are low and in front with the hands moving in a circular motion for two hops. Lift the arms above the head and pump them as the shoulders move up and down with the arms. Do this for two hop movements. This is the Phull.

Tips & Warnings

  • As you become more proficient with the Bhangra movements, keep the shoulders moving up and down. With practice the leg kicks can become higher and more dramatic.

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