How to Beat The Boss in "Metal Gear Solid 3"


The final battle in "Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater" pits Snake against his friend and mentor, The Boss, in a striking field of white flowers. Combined with The Boss's white outfit, the setting allows your rival to appear out of nowhere at any time. Fight back by bringing your own white camouflage, a handgun, a rifle -- the Mk22 and Moisin-Nagant work well and yield a non-lethal victory -- and, as usual, as much Life Medicine as you can.

Camouflage and Face Paint

  • If you choose to take the stealth route instead of confronting your mentor head on, hiding in the field of white flowers is an effective tactic. Your best camouflage option is to equip both the Snow camo and face paint. The Snow face paint is in the trench around the Bolshaya Past base, while the camo is hidden in a tunnel in Chyornaya Peschera before you fight The Pain. To reach the camo, take the right path after entering the second area of the cave and crawl through the path behind the M37. If you don't have these items, put on the whitest outfit you have and try to reach a camo index of at least 60.

Close Combat

  • At the beginning of the fight and regularly throughout the battle, The Boss charges at Snake. During her charge, she dodges most shots and you can't usually get away, so your best option is to stand still so you can best predict when she'll make contact. Unequip your gun before the boss makes contact; if she successfully grabs you, she'll dismantle it and scatter the pieces and ammo, forcing you to recollect them. As soon as she reaches you, an "!" prompt appears. Press "Circle" to counter her grab. If she remains standing after the counter, roll to knock her over and shoot her a few times with a handgun before fleeing.

Ranged Combat

  • If you have decent camouflage, you can hide in the flowers after knocking The Boss over. As she searches for you, she'll leave herself open to attacks. Use a rifle to get in a powerful shot, and then immediately run to a new area as the sound of your gun gives away your location. If The Boss spots you and counterattacks, hide behind a tree or crouch behind a fallen log to avoid the shots. The Boss has excellent white camo herself, so equip the Thermal Goggles whenever you lose sight of her. Staying hidden slows the pace of the battle, but don't hide for too long -- you must end the fight within 10 minutes, or else bombs fall on the area and you'll need to start the battle over.

Non-Lethal Victory

  • Defeating The Boss by draining her stamina unlocks the Snake camo. You don't need to radically alter your strategy to achieve a non-lethal win: Just make sure to use your Mk22 instead of a regular handgun, and pull out the Mosin-Nagant for long-range shots. If you didn't win the Mosin-Nagant by defeating The End non-lethally, you'll have to stick to the Mk22, making the fight more challenging. Toward the end of the battle, The Boss's CQC becomes harder to counter, so save your Mk22's suppressor until near the end, and then attach it to help stay hidden.

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