How to Draw a Bulldog Puppy

This drawing focuses on the dog's characteristic heavy jowls.
This drawing focuses on the dog's characteristic heavy jowls. (Image: Photo of sketch by benrjordan: Flickr. com; puppy head by ninafrazier:

Drawing bulldog puppies is easiest when they are not moving, whether you are new to drawing or an experienced artist, so wait until they are sleeping or take photos to use as a guide. Before you begin, decide whether you prefer pencil or charcoal for black and white compositions, or try pastels to add color to your sketch. Make plenty of room on a table or easel, and work with adequate light.

Things You'll Need

  • Number 2 pencil, stick charcoal, or pastels
  • Sheets of paper
  • Soft eraser

Many bulldogs have distinctive droopy jowls, which mark their breed. They also have short, bowed legs. Your drawing should include these physical characteristics, depending on whether you decide if you want to draw the whole dog or just the head, and what the dog will be doing in your composition.

Study the sketch above. The main point of interest is the large head. Begin by drawing two concentric circles toward the top of your paper, the outer circle being the head and the smaller being the muzzle and mouth. Draw the bulldog's jowls as semicircular lines under the mouth. Above the mouth, draw the eyes and nose. Place your bulldog's floppy ears high on the head.

Outline the puppy's body on your paper. Start by sketching very lightly. Light strokes allow you to make any changes without marking the paper permanently. Make the puppy's head and paws seem too large for its body, which is the hallmark of young dogs.

Imagine the puppy's body to be a series of geometric shapes. In bulldogs, the round head is attached to an oval body with almost no neck. Draw the bowed legs as triangles with cylinders and large circles for the oversize paws. The tail is often a spiral or a skinny triangle.

As the puppy's shape emerges from your drawing, darken your outline. Use a crosshatch pattern to indicate fur. Press lightly for pale fur and heavier for shadows or dark hair areas. Make the eyes sparkle by leaving a white highlight in the middle, and feather the whiskers away from the muzzle to create an appealing puppy dog look.

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