How to Make Bible Notebooks


Many people like to use notebooks when they study scripture or listen to sermons and homilies. Keeping a Bible notebook can help you to remember what you have studied and learned, and can also help you keep track of which books and verses you have read. You can keep your notes in any notebook, but you many find it helpful to get a dedicated and organized Bible notebook. Bible notebooks can be purchased in Christian stores and online, but with just a little bit of effort, you can make your own customized Bible notebook.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer
  • Word processing software
  • Printer
  • Printer paper
  • Decide what kind of information you want to keep track of before you create your notebook page. You can make space for verses, meditations, thoughts, references, prayers and future life applications. If you like to study in the original languages, you can also make space for writing ancient Hebrew, Latin or Greek. If you have decided to methodically read the Bible through, an alternate way of organizing your notebook is to create pages according to book.

  • Open your wood processing software. More full-featured software like Word or Pages will give you more choice of fonts and styles. If you're not too worried about appearances, any word processor will do, even simple ones like Notepad or TextEdit.

  • Make your page template. Pick the font you want your Bible notebook to be in. Type out a list of the things you want to keep track of in your Bible notebook--for example, dates, verses, thoughts, applications and prayer. Hit "Enter" after each one so that you have a list.

    Go back and make enough space in between each section for you to have room to write. Take into account how much space you will need for the pertinent info; the "Date" section only needs to be one line, while the "Thoughts" section can be much larger. Keep it all to one page, however. If there is any inspirational Bible verse you would like to include, you can write it across the bottom of the page.

  • Print one page. If it comes out the way you want it, stop. If not, tweak your page until you like the way it prints. You'll only need one page. Save your work.

  • If there is a Bible reading schedule you want to use, print this out now as well.

  • Make a cover for your Bible notebook using your word processing software. Add Word Art or clip art if you like. Print out your cover.

  • Take your page template, your cover, a blank sheet to act as your back cover and your Bible schedule, if you have one, to a copy shop. Decide how many copies of your page template you want. This will be how many pages you will have to write on in your Bible notebook. Get your template copied, both front and back.

  • Arrange your notebook. Put the cover on the front. Place your Bible reading schedule where you want it to be in your notebook. Put the back cover on the back.

  • Bind your notebook together, or have it bound for you. Many copy stores will create bound "manuals," complete with clear plastic cover and a vinyl back.

Tips & Warnings

  • Call your copy shop before you go to make sure they can bind your notebook once it's finished.

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