How to Draw Doll Faces


Most doll faces are meant to be iconic and straightforward, almost like cartoons, instead of realistic images of faces. Whether you are drawing a doll face on a doll, or simply drawing an image of a doll, keep the lines straight and simple. Draw with confidence and make as few marks as possible.

Things You'll Need

  • Pencil
  • Colored pencils
  • Blank doll face, or paper
  • Draw the outline of the eyes with a light mark of your pencil. Eyes can be almond shaped or more round. The eyes should be symmetrical and even with each other. If you have difficulty lining the eyes up appropriately, draw a straight line as an axis (to be erased later) and line up the corners of the eyes with the axis.

  • Draw the outline of the nose directly beneath the eyes. Depending on the nature of the doll, the nose may be triangular (like a Raggedy Ann), button-shaped or more realistic. For a slightly more realistic nose, simply draw a hump, flanked by two smaller humps on either side, to represent the nose and nostrils. The nose should appear below the middle of the eyes. Again, if you have a hard time lining up the nose properly, draw an axis (to be erased) from the middle of the eyes down the front of the face, effectively bisecting the face. The middle of the nose will fall directly over the axis.

  • Lightly draw the outline of the mouth. Again, the sophistication of the mouth depends on the nature of the doll. A mouth may be as simple as a curved line stretching from one cheek to the other. For a more complex mouth, the lips may be parted to show teeth, or the curve of the line maybe softened to show a gentler smile.

  • Check the symmetry of the doll now. Look at the doll with a critical eye, and even turn it upside down to be sure that the features are lined up properly. Correct any mistakes before moving on.

  • Add details like eyelashes, irises and pupils, teeth and nostrils.

  • Make darker the light lines you drew initially to outline the mouth, nose and eyes. These lines were drawn lightly at first only to give you an idea of where the features would be, but your final product should show confidence.

  • Use colored pencils to finish the drawing. Use soft colors and color lightly at first, building areas of color slowly and evenly, to give the doll a soft, feminine quality.

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