How to Get Rid of Cellulite on Your Butt


Cellulite is caused by a honeycomb-shaped connective tissue that rests over fat, giving the appearance of lumpy skin with a cottage cheese consistency. This condition occurs mostly in women, usually on the thighs, stomach, and buttocks. Cellulite is not dangerous, nor does it need to be removed, and most women have it. If you can't stand way your cellulite looks, however, there are steps you can take to reduce its appearance.

Lose weight. The more fat that accumulates in problem areas like the butt, the more cellulite you will see. Firm your buttocks by running on a treadmill or using an elliptical machine for 30 minutes three times a week.

Drink more water. Drinking eight glasses of water a day goes hand-in-hand with exercising. Drinking water will flush away toxins that accumulate in the fat in your body. As you burn fat, more toxins will be released that must be washed away with water to get them out of your body, making you lose even more weight and that unwanted cellulite.

Get a massage. According to the Mayo Clinic, you may notice a difference in the appearance of your cellulite after getting a vigorous massage, although the effects probably won't last very long. If you're looking for a quick fix, get a massage focusing on your buttocks area.

Invest in diode laser treatment. Diode laser treatment can be performed by your dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon, and will break up the connective tissue that has been lumping up in your butt. The results may last up to six months, according to the Mayo Clinic.

Talk to your doctor about mesotherapy injections. Mesotherapy injections are performed by your dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon. They are a combination of ingredients, including hormones, enzymes, and a drug called aminophylline, which will cause smoothing of the fat cells and connective tissue that causes lumps. Side effects of meostherapy injections include further lumping of the skin, so your risk includes more unevenness and bumping if the injections don't work.

Tips & Warnings

  • Over-the-counter cellulite creams are not proven to have any effect on cellulite.
  • Consult a doctor before getting laser treatment or mesotherapy injections.

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