How to Create a Community Based Website


A community-based website is a website that is based on interaction within a community. You can create a community-based website with little experience in HTML and programming by obtaining software to help you. You will need to create a domain name and buy a hosting space to get started. Once you have those two items you will need to decide on what type of community based outlets you want on your websites. You can add forums and blogs by buying software and adding it to your website. Once you have your website built you will want to optimize if for search engines to generate more traffic and to encourage visitors to return, you will want to make sure you have enough content to keep them interested.

  • Decide what you want your community to be based on. Try to pinpoint a target audience for your website. Decide on an original idea so you don't have to worry about competitor's websites. Creating a community-based website that interests you and with material that you have knowledge of is recommended so that you can contribute to, provide content for and help your users.

  • Create and buy a domain name. You can go to sites like and register a domain name there--it is fairly inexpensive. Think of an original and easy to remember name to bring back users. Don't get frustrated if the names you think of are already taken. Eventually, you will find one that works for your site.

  • Buy a hosting space. A host will store and maintain your website's files. You can find out how to do this through your hosting company or go to The Site Wizard for step-by-step directions.

  • Decide if you want your community to include forums or blogs or both. Having either of these will enhance your website. You can purchase forum and blog software online. This software will keep everyone in the community in touch and provide an outlet for communication, artistic expression and information.

  • Obtain content management software (CMS). This step will help you create and manage content with little knowledge of programming and HTML. It also will help facilitate editing, maintenance, content control and creation. Joomla is a free version of CMS.

  • Add search engine optimization to your website. This will optimize your forum and blogs with search engines, bring in more traffic and keep you on top of the competition. To add search engine optimizations you can add content to your HTML code, or hire a Search Engine Optimizer (SEO). A useful website that lists useful optimization tools is net tuts+.

  • Create enough content on your website that will make visitors want to stay. Invite all your friends and family to join and ask them to write articles, blogs or post in your forum. You can also use a paid forum posting service that uses professional writers that help build up your community.

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