How to Combine Multiple Web Pages into a Single Web Page


When designing a web page, you may come across a situation where you want to combine content from multiple websites in a single window. The "iframe" tag makes this possible, as it will separate your page design into several sections and display a different website in each one. The "iframe" tag is a standard HTML tag and can be viewed in any web browser.

Things You'll Need

  • PC or Mac computer
  • Web editing application
  • Active web server
  • Open your web page code in a web editing application like Adobe Dreamweaver.

  • Place the cursor in the section of your HTML code where you want the multiple websites to appear.

  • Type "<iframe src ="" width="x" height="y"> </iframe>" (without the outermost set of quotes) into your HTML code.

  • Replace "" with the web address of the first site you want to include on your web page.

  • Replace "x" and "y" with the pixel dimensions that you want to use for each website on your page.

  • Repeat Steps 3-5 to create an "iframe" element for each additional website you want to include. Remember to enter a unique URL in each section of the code.

  • Save your HTML code and upload it to your active web server.


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