How to Build a Toddler's Self-Esteem

Having self-confidence is important for a child of any age, toddlers included. At the toddler stage, kids go through a lot mentally, physically and socially when they're around other children their age at preschool and day care. If you notice your toddler exhibiting low self-esteem, act fast to improve her self-confidence. Having good self-esteem is important to a toddler's development as it gives the child courage to develop important skills and the willingness to take care of herself, according to the KidsHealth website.


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      Show your child unconditional love at all times, being sure to repeatedly tell him you will love him no matter what. Toddlers are intelligent and aware of their surroundings. Be sure to constantly remind him that you always accept him.

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      Give your toddler positive physical and verbal reinforcement. As she learns new things, and occasionally struggles with developing important skills, tell her verbally she is doing a good job and physically show positive reinforcement with clapping, pats on the head and back, and hugs and kisses.

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      Offer your undivided attention to your toddler when he is telling you something or showing you something he made or a new skill he learned.

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      Reward good behavior such as sharing, eating all of her dinner, going to bed when requested without complaint, and potty-training success. Conversely, have patience with your toddler when she is getting frustrated or acting out with a tantrum.

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      Be consistent about the rules he must follow at home and in public, and explain them in a logical way he can understand. Explain the proper way to behave as well as the reasons behind it.

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