How to Get Rid of Biting Mites

Biting mites cause skin injury and disease. Their small size makes it difficult to spot a home invasion until after the biting begins. Once they invade, they nest in soft places, such as bed coverings, mattresses, carpets or upholstered furniture. You can get rid of biting mites by cleaning and using insecticides inside and outside of the home. There are a variety of insecticides available, some of which are safe for pets, children and plants.

Mites nest in soft places.
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Things You'll Need

  • Caulk
  • Caulking gun
  • Lawn tools
  • Tempo SC spray
  • Maxide Garden & Pet Dust
  • Laundry soap
  • Bleach
  • Vacuum
  • Trash bags
  • Pet shampoo
Step 1:

Check for any evidence of rodents. Check eves and overhangs for abandoned bird or rodent nests (See Reference 1). If evidence is found, hire an exterminator or use a do-it-yourself method such as destroying nests and putting out poisons. Home maintenance is critical for preventing a biting mite invasion.

Look for evidence of rodents.
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Step 2:

Caulk windows and door openings and cut back thick vegetation growing near the house.

Cut back thick vegetation.
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Step 3:

Treat front and back yard with insecticide. Tempo SC spray is a low-odor chemical spray that kills mites without leaving a visible residue. One bottle will make 30 gallons of spray. The insecticide kills a number of other insects as well. Use Maxide Garden & Pet Dust if you have small children or pets or if you will be using the product around vegetable and fruit plants.

Treat your yard with insecticide.
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Step 4:

Wash all bed coverings, pet beds, pillows and sheets in hot soapy water and bleach. Vacuum rugs, carpets, curtains and drapes, mattresses and furniture. Empty the vacuum bag or canister into a trash bag sprinkled with insecticide. Tie bag and dispose of in outside trash container. Repeat the housecleaning steps until the biting mites are eliminated.

Vacuum everything.
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Step 5:

Bathe pets with pet shampoo formulated to kill pests. Allow pet fur to dry completely and dust fur with Maxide Garden & Pet Dust or another product purchased from the pet store. Maxide Garden & Pet Dust is safe to use on cats and dogs of all ages, including those less than 12 weeks old.

Shampoo your pets.
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Step 6:

Use Tempo SC spray or Maxide Garden & Pet Dust to treat inside of house. If you prefer, hire a professional exterminator for this step.

Treat your house with insecticide.
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Step 7:

Repeat cleaning process in Step 4 once or twice a week for a month or until all signs of biting mites are gone. Biting mites cause welts and severe itching. The painful evidence of their presence makes it easier to spot when they are gone.

Repeat the cleaning and washing process until the mites disappear.
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Tips & Warnings

  • It can take up to several weeks to totally exterminate the mite population, during which time cleaning efforts must be continued.
  • Be careful when using mite dust on pets. Shake the dust onto your hand and apply to pets coat to prevent dust from getting onto the pet's face area.




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