How to Load Music Into a Samsung Cell Phone Memory Card

Samsung phones have become multimedia devices much like many other cell phones. They vary in memory sizes depending on the model, but they can be used to load music files you can listen to anywhere you take your phone. Loading music on the memory card of a Samsung phone is a simple process. Since the phones work much like hard drives, you will be able to copy and paste music to load your music files.


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      Remove the memory card from your phone and plug it into the memory slot on your computer. If your computer does not have a memory slot, put the memory card back into the phone and connect the phone to the computer using a supplied USB cable. The computer will detect the memory card as a removal disk (portable storage device), whether it is plugged directly into the computer or on the phone.

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      Click the Windows "Start" button and click "My Computer." You should see your memory card icon listed as a removal disk and assigned a letter (such as H:, G: or I:), depending on your computer.

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      Double click the memory card's icon. You should see the music folder. Double-click the "Music" folder. Locate the music file you want to copy into your Samsung phone and right-click it. Click "Copy."

    • 4

      Go back to the opened Music folder and click "Paste" to download the music files on your Samsung cell phone memory. Repeat the same downloading process to add other music files.

    • 5

      Close the Music folder and disconnect the Samsung phone from your computer.

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