How to Make a Simple Doll


While there are numerous doll craft designs using a wide variety of materials, many of these techniques can be tricky or time-consuming. A basic rag doll, on the other hand, can be formed in mere minutes using scraps of fabric, stuffing and a few ties, making it an excellent first doll craft.

Things You'll Need

  • Flat weave (not stretchy) fabric
  • Cotton balls
  • Yarn or other craft string
  • Scissors
  • Craft glue
  • Fabric scraps, fabric doll hair, and other items for decoration
  • Cut a large circle of fabric for the doll's skin. The radius of the circle (the distance from the center to the outside) will be equal to the height of your finished doll, so measure accordingly.

  • Wad several cotton balls together into a round clump. These will stuff the doll's head. Make the head firmer by compressing more cotton in a smaller space and softer by using less cotton in the same space.

  • Form the head. Lay the fabric circle flat and place the cotton balls in the center. Wrap the fabric around the cotton and attach a rubber band, yarn or tight string beneath. Adjust the creases of the fabric as you tie so that one section of the ball is relatively smooth; this will become the face.

  • Form the arms. Pull away two sections of fabric below the doll's head on either side, pulling away enough cloth to form thin sections roughly three times the length of the head. Tie off the cloth at the wrists and where the arms meet the body.

  • Make the doll's waist. Tie a string at the center of the body. Don't tie too tightly or the waist will be too small.

  • Tie similar sections for legs, if desired. Divide the remaining loose fabric into two sections and tie these where the ankles would be. (You also can leave this section loose to form a gathered skirt shape).

  • Decorate the doll. Give the doll yarn hair or craft doll hair using tacky craft glue. Create a face with fabric paint, and give the doll clothes, if desired. Use existing doll clothes or create clothes by gluing or sewing fabric directly to the doll's body.

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