How to Help Our Economy Get Better

Help Our Economy Get Better
Help Our Economy Get Better (Image:

What a roller coaster ride the past two years have been and still, there is no quick fix in sight. Despite the work of many, it only took the work of a few to bring down millions of people. Here are some time tested tips to help our economy get better.

Don't put all your faith in banks, credit, the government or the Federal Reserve. I know what you're thinking, what?? Well, these entities have fallen hard and many of their shortcomings were out in full display over the last two years. They may have worked the past couple of decades, but they are no longer institutions that you should put your full faith in. These entities aren't going to save us and you shouldn't expect them to. You need to have options in case another failure comes about and putting all your eggs in one basket will never give you options.

Don't focus too much on speculation. Sure, millions and billions have been made on pure speculation, but most of these people also had millions to fall back on in case things didn't work out. They also had access to the top experts in various fields to help them make their decisions. If you don't have that, keep your money safe and stored.

Instead of just looking for a job, focus on ways to create jobs as well. I'm sure you probably need money, who doesn't in today's economy? Yet, what America needs most of all right now are jobs. Find ways to be innovative and cost effective so that you can become an entrepreneur and create jobs to help our economy. Entrepreneurship is never easy and many fail, but if you succeed, the rewards will trump being an employee for any company.

Remember you have power and control over your finances. Don't let the government tell you how to spend your money if you don't have barely any to spend. Sure there are some good ideas that come about and we certainly need to continue to change. I'm not saying don't obey laws, you need to obey the laws, but every four to eight years there is a new administration with new ideas on how we should live our lives and the one thing that remains unchanged is the value of saving your money for a rainy day and doing the best with what you have.

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