How to Learn Ninjitsu Training Online


Many people are drawn to the idea of being a ninja. Especially with the creation of hundreds of ninja-related movies, cartoons, and anime, and the much-debated argument between ninja and pirates. This leaves many people wanting to learn ninjitsu online. There is a difference between ninjitsu and ninjutsu. Jitsu, with an I, means magic in Japanese. Jutsu, with a u instead of an I means art. After the ninjutsu explosion in the 1980s, various people came out claiming to be ninja masters using the spelling ninjitsu when in fact, many of these so called "masters" were nothing more than fakes, making up their own techniques and selling it as ninjutsu.

Things You'll Need

  • A computer with Internet access

Learning Ninjutsu Online

  • To begin, you will need to do some research into the topic of ninjutsu. Any instructor or website that is teaching real traditional ninjutsu will be a part of the Bujinkan, which is the organization the grandmaster of ninjutsu has created. You can visit to read the guidelines expected of anyone who studies this martial art. Also visit to find a list of websites created by members of the Bujinkan.

  • Once you have done some research and learned about the real ninjutsu and the Bujinkan, you can begin your search for online instruction. Start by going back to, and browse through ninjutsu-related websites. You will want to look for those that offer online instructional videos or training courses. Those that offer rank are the best to look at, but if you aren't concerned with rank or belts and simply want to learn, then the websites that don't offer this option will do fine.

  • Create a list of websites you like. Pay attention to the information on these websites and the overall feel you get for the person who created the sites. Make special note of those that make you feel the most comfortable. It's important to find an online instruction course with someone you can trust.

  • Make a list of things you would like to get from martial arts training. Think about it long and hard, and write down your goals. This is important in order for you to stay committed to the training and to help you find the right instruction for you.

  • Contact the website. Get in touch with someone involved with the website and the instruction given on the website. Don't be afraid to pick up the phone and call the web site to talk to somebody at the website company about the instruction given. This will be a long-term commitment that you will be making as it will take time, effort, practice and money for you to gain the proper instruction. Be willing to ask them about their own training, time in training, rank, qualifications, knowledge of the Bujinkan and anything else you feel is necessary. Be respectful, but make sure you are comfortable learning from this person before you make a purchase. Also, take the list you created of what you want to gain from the training, and discuss this also.

  • Once you have chosen a program and instructor, complete the ordering instructions to purchase the online course. Stay in contact with your teacher, and follow instructions. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch with someone to ask. The more you understand things, and the more clearly you understand exactly what is expected of you, the more you will get from the training, and the better you will get as you train.

Tips & Warnings

  • When contacting these people, be respectful about your approach. Be willing to ask questions about them, their dojo, their online programs, their rank and credentials and anything else, but treat them with respect. If your goal for learning ninjutsu is to be a masked criminal catcher, for fighting, to be a tough person, or any other such reason, please be aware that this will most likely not be tolerated or respected and it difficult for you to find an instructor. Start by wanting to learn for the right reasons. If your intention is to use the information for mixed martial arts reasons, please also be aware that this is extremely frowned upon within the Bujinkan. If these are your reasons for learning, it is best that you search for ninjitsu instructors instead as they are more willing to teach people with these goals in mind. It will take time, money, energy, and a lot of effort and practice in order to develop any degree of proficiency at the techniques and strategies taught in ninjutsu. Make sure you are willing to make the total commitment before you make a purchase.
  • There is always a risk when doing any type of physical exercise or activity, and martial arts are no different. Use the proper training equipment, and always use safety precautions when learning, practicing, and training in these techniques. Be aware that there are plenty of fake ninja online who are willing to take your money. There are even more who are more than willing to take your money, and give you junk in exchange. Be smart, do your research, and you will be fine with the information that you find.

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