How Do I Get to the Top of Mirage Tower?


Mirage Tower is found on Route 111 in Pokemon Emerald. There are two fossils at the top of the tower that can be turned into either Anorith or Lileep. Taking either fossil will cause Mirage Tower to collapse. Mirage Tower is a short zone, but requires the Mach Bike and a Pokemon with Rock Smash to make it through.

Things You'll Need

  • Mach bike
  • Any Pokemon with the Rock Smash skill
  • Enter Mirage Tower. Go east and then north to reach the ladder to the next floor.

  • Go west until you see the cracked tiles.

  • Get on the Mach Bike by selecting it from your inventory menu.

  • Ride the bike south over the cracked tiles.

  • Go east along the path to reach the ladder to the next floor.

  • Go west and north until you reach two darker-colored rocks.

  • Use Rock Smash to destroy the rocks. Head up the ladder right behind the rocks to reach the top floor.

  • Use Rock Smash to destroy the rock in front of the stairs.

  • Examine one of the fossils to pick it up. The Root Fossil on the left can be turned into Lileep. The Claw Fossil on the right can be turned into Anorith.

Tips & Warnings

  • The only two wild Pokemon in Mirage Tower are Trapinch and Sandshrew. Bringing a few water Pokemon will make getting through the tower very easy. Lileep is a stronger Pokemon than Anorith. Both fossils are obtainable in Pokemon Emerald. The second fossil will appear in the Desert Underpass after the Elite Four are defeated.

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