How to Exterminate Carpenter Bees


Carpenter bees are black and yellow with round bodies that are surprisingly hairy. They do not sting but can become a nuisance, though ithey are also valuable natural pollinators that help your garden. The carpenter bees burrow into wood to create their nests. You can often find nests in wooden fence posts or in wood siding or trim. If you see a pile of sawdust outside your home with no clear reason as to why it is there, you probably have a family of carpenter bees hard at work creating their nest. There are several options for getting rid of the bees.

Things You'll Need

  • Caulk
  • Paint
  • Stick
  • Vacuum
  • Bee poison
  • Mask

Closing the Hole

  • Caulk the hole that the carpenter bees made in your home. This will make escape impossible for the bees, and they will eventually die.

  • After the caulk has dried, sand it to get a smooth surface.

  • Paint over the caulk to finish the job.


  • Agitate the carpenter bee nest by inserting a stick into the nest and swirling it. Do this in the evening, when the bees are less active.

  • Place the vacuum hose over the hole and suck up the bees as they fly out.

  • Caulk and paint over any holes or damage the bees have caused.


Tips & Warnings

  • Take action the first time you see a carpenter bee. Waiting too long could be the difference between a small colony and an infestation.
  • Do not inhale the pesticide, which could make you sick.

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