How to Sew a Phentex Slipper


Phentex slippers are durable and long-lasting. The yarn in a Phentex slipper kit is made from olefin polypropylene. It is a strong fiber that has a different feel than most yarns. Phentex kits are available for knit or crochet slippers. The slippers that are crocheted are done in two parts that consist mainly of single crochet stitches. To ensure that your crocheted slipper holds together well, you must sew the two crocheted portions together. The knitted slippers are made in one piece, which must be sewn in two places. The slipper must be sewn together with the same yarn from the kit.

Things You'll Need

  • Needle
  • Small safety pins

Crocheted Slippers

  • Crochet the slipper according to the kit directions. Cut a 20 inch piece of the yarn from the skein.

  • Thread the needle with the yarn and knot the end of it.

  • Pin the instep ribbing to the slipper, wrong sides out. Line the edges together and be sure the center points of the toes are even with one another. You may find that small safety pins work well to secure the edges.

  • Insert the needle under the top of a single crochet stitch of the slipper edge and pass it through to the adjoining stitch on the instep. Pull the yarn through to embed the knot in the slipper. Hold the knot in place with your thumb.

  • Insert the needle into the slipper and instep about 1/4 inch from the knot and pull the yarn through. Keep the knot in place as you secure this second stitch.

  • Stitch around the entire instep, slipper and toe area. Stitch three stitches in place at the end to form a knot. Cut the yarn 1/2 inch from the knotted area. Weave the loose yarn into the slipper to hide it. Turn the slipper right side out. Sew the second slipper together.

Knitted Slippers

  • Complete the knitted slipper body according to the directions. Cut the yarn end 15 to 20 inches from the knitting needle.

  • Thread the end of the yarn into a darning or large eye needle.

  • Remove each stitch off of the knitting needle and onto the darning needle, and draw the yarn through the stitches.

  • Turn the slipper inside out. Pull on the piece of yarn and pull it tightly to close up the toe end. Sew the toe area to secure it. Sew the edges together across the top of the foot leaving enough room for a foot opening. You can choose to use small safety pins to hold the two sides in place to make it easier to sew. Sew three to four stitches in place at the end to form a knot. Cut the yarn, leaving a 1 inch tail. Weave the tail into the interior of the slipper.

  • Cut an 8 inch piece of yarn. Sew the back of the slipper together. Knot to secure and cut the yarn piece.

Tips & Warnings

  • Phentex yarn can be hard to thread into a needle eye. A needle threader is recommended to aid in threading the yarn through the hole.

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