How to Learn A New Accent


It can be very difficult to learn a new accent when you are trying to learn a new language or speak in a new accent. There are many techniques that you can use to improve your ability to learn a new accent and improve your new accent. Learn how to learn a new accent so that you can be speaking clearly with your new accent soon!

  • Tape Record Yourself to Learn A New Accent
    The first thing you want to do to learn a new accent is to tape record yourself speaking your best in the new accent. This tape will allow you to analyze your new accent and pick areas of improvement you should focus on in learning your new accent. When analyzing the tape of your new accent ask a native speaker to listen as well. Focus on the intonation, ending sounds, and general pronunciation problems with your new accent. Re-record your new accent once a week so you can note lingering problems and success.

  • Work With A Native Speaker to Learn A New Accent
    In order to learn and practice a new accent, you need to work with a native speaker. You should look at the way their mouth moves when they speak as well as focus on their intonation to develop your new accent. In your time with the native speaker, you should both converse with them in your new accent as well as spend time repeating what they say in your new accent to practice.

  • Speak Slowly to Learn a New Accent
    In order to practice a new accent, you need to speak more slowly and concentrate on your pronunciation and intonation. Your new accent will be difficult and speaking slowly will allow you to focus on different parts of your new accent.

  • Use Accent and Speech Software
    There are many types of new accent software and training programs out there that can help you to learn or reduce the appearance of an accent. These programs will help you to improve your new accent.

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