How to Fix a Canon EOS Rebel XTi


DSLR cameras are increasing in popularity among both amateur and professional photographers. The Canon EOS Rebel XTi is a quality piece of equipment that is reasonably affordable for family use and for the beginning professional. While this camera is typically reliable, there may come a time when it just doesn't function correctly. If that happens, follow a few steps to troubleshoot and fix some of the common malfunctions of the Canon EOS Rebel XTi.

Things You'll Need

  • Instruction Manual

Troubleshooting Power Supply Problems

  • Check the battery if your Canon EOS Digital Rebel will not stay on. Attempt to recharge the battery if the only image on the LCD screen of your camera is a flashing picture of a battery. If the battery fails to recharge, make sure you have a NB-2LH Lithium-Ion battery pack and verify that you attached the battery to charger correctly. Another possibility is that the battery has no service life remaining. When charged correctly, an NB-2LH can last for at least 3 years or more.

  • Verify that you installed the battery in the camera correctly and closed the compartment cover all the way. Another issue that will keep the camera from operating is if you did not close the CF card slot cover securely.

  • Change your auto power off settings. Auto power off turns the camera off after a certain amount of time without activity to conserve battery power, even if the power switch is set to "On." To resume use, simply press the shutter down halfway. You can adjust the auto power off settings by pressing the "menu" button on your camera body, scrolling right to the first "tool" menu, scrolling down to highlight "Auto power off" and press the "Set" button. Then choose the amount of time you want the camera to be idle before it automatically shuts off, such as four minutes.

Troubleshooting Problems Taking Pictures

  • Insert the compact flash (CF) card properly into the slot to record images. If your camera quits recording images, the CF card may be full, in which case you will need to delete unwanted images to make more space or use a different CF card.

  • Focus your subject properly to take the image. The red light inside the viewfinder is your focal point. When you press the shutter button halfway, the camera will automatically focus based on the selected focal point. Confirmation of a focused subject is the blinking of the red focal point light and a clear image. Should the camera fail to find a focal point, switch the lens from AF (auto focus) to MF (manual focus), and focus the subject on your own using the ridged ring at the end of the lens.

  • Check your CF card for problems if "Err CF" appears on your LCD screen when you attempt to take a picture. This error message indicates that something is wrong with your CF card that prevents images from being read from it or recorded to it. If you have a CF card-reader, use it to transfer the images on the card to your computer to save them. Then place the CF card back in your camera, access the first tools tab in the camera menu, select format and reformat the CF card. If this does not remedy the problem, then the CF card may be damaged and no longer function properly.

Troubleshooting Error Codes

  • Remedy "Err 01," which means that communication between the lens and camera is faulty, by first removing the lens from the camera body and reattaching it to make sure the connection was correct. If this does not fix the error message, then clean the lens contacts with a dry microfiber cloth. These are the grooves around the outer edge of the backside of the lens that form an electrical connection with the camera body.

  • Adjust the CF card if you receive "Err 02," which indicates a problem with the CF card. You can remove and reinsert the CF card, format it to wipe it clean, or use an alternate CF card to remedy this error message.

  • Turn the power off and then on again to fix "Err 05." This error message means that something kept the Canon Digital Rebel's automatic pop-up function for the built in flash.

  • Remove and reinstall the camera battery if you receive "Err 99." This error most often indicates that you are using a lens that is not compatible with the Canon Digital Rebel XTi, or that you didn't install the lens properly.

Tips & Warnings

  • Refer to the owner's manual for your Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTi for full instructions on installing the battery, using CF cards and other tasks.
  • Before sending your camera off for repair, check to see if it is still under warranty.


  • Book: Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTi Instruction Manual
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