How to Connect Speakers to a Speaker Selector

You love your music so much that you just have to have it playing in every room in the house, but you have only one sound system. No problem! A speaker selector allows you to connect multiple sets of speakers to a single main sound system so you can enjoy the music you want, where you want it.

Things You'll Need

  • Speakers
  • Speaker wire
  • Speaker selector
  • Wire strippers
  • Home theater system
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      Identify how many speakers and speaker wires you are going to need. The number of wires is equal to the number of speakers you have, plus two wires to go from the sound system to the speaker selector.

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      Cut the appropriate number of lengths of speaker wire. Each length of wire needs to have the plastic coating stripped from the ends so that a connection can be made.

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      Run the wires from the location of the speaker selector to the location of your speakers. One way to do this while keeping the wires out of view is to run them behind baseboards.

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      Connect the wires. You need two lengths of wire for each connection -- one for the left speaker, and one for the right. Start with the wires from the sound system to the speaker selector. Plug them in, making sure to match the labels: right speaker to right speaker, and left to left. Also follow the labels for positive and negative terminals.

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      Plug in the speakers. This works much the same way as connecting the sound system to the speaker selector. Again, make sure that you plug in the wires following the labels of left and right and positive and negative. You're now ready to turn on your sound system, select a set of speakers and enjoy your music.

Tips & Warnings

  • To ensure that you are connecting the proper terminals, you can get speaker wire that has a black part and a colored part. Use the black part to connect negative terminals and the colored part to connect positive terminals. This will cut down on confusion when running wire all over the house. Also consider buying different colors so you can have one for left speakers and one for right speakers.

  • Take special care not to plug a wire into a positive terminal at one end and a negative terminal at the other end. Doing this will not damage your equipment, but the speakers will not work, ans tracking down the problem may be difficult.

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