How To Stimulate the Right Brain


You might have heard someone say he is right-brained or left-brained, but what exactly does that mean? The brain is divided into hemispheres. The left hemisphere is used in processing language, producing speech, making logical deductions and focusing attention, while the right hemisphere of the brain is considered the more creative side and is used in visualizing images, thinking creatively and expressing intense emotion, according to Lesley J. Rogers, a doctoral professor of neuroscience and founder of the Research Centre for Neuroscience and Animal Behaviour at the University of New England, Australia. For right-handed people, the left hemisphere is dominant, but there are a number of ways to stimulate your right hemisphere. For right handers, engaging in creative activities such as writing, dancing and painting encourages development of the right side of the brain.

  • Practice the art of photographic memory. Spend a few minutes each day studying your surroundings. Close your eyes and, using a small audio recording device, describe what you saw. As you visually reconstruct your surroundings, you should begin to remember smaller details. When you have finished, open your eyes, replay your recording and see how correct you are. Practice this many times and you will begin to automatically recall these details without intense concentration.

  • Learn to use the nondominant part of your body by using your nondominant hand. If you are right-handed, practice writing with your left hand. If you are left handed, your right brain will be dominant, anyway. Or, if you normally kick the ball with your right foot, try kicking it with the left next time. The reasoning behind this is the left hemisphere of your brain tends to control the right side of your body while the right hemisphere tends to control this left side.

  • Concentrate on communicating more through your body movements and facial expression. A fun activity to help with this is charades or interpretive dancing.

  • Make origami animals, shapes and toys. Origami, the Japanese art of paper folding, relies heavily upon the visualization abilities of the right hemisphere and helps improve motor coordination.

  • Transform two-dimensional concepts into three-dimensional objects using clay, paper mache or recycled items. For example, if you are feeling exceptionally good, you might associate that with a bright shining day and make a paper mache sun.


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