How to Grow Grapevine Trees


Growing grapevine trees is a time-consuming hobby for any gardener. As grapevines are vines and naturally want to spread out, it takes careful pruning to encourage your grapevine to grow straight up into a tree formation. Trees are crafted from the thick, woody vines and are popular as miniature bonsai trees or larger garden varieties. They can reach 12 to 46 inches tall and require a lot of water for fruit production.

Things You'll Need

  • Pruning Shears
  • Plant your grapevine. You can use a grape seed or, for best results, plant a rooted cutting of a grapevine clipped from another plant. Grapevines prefer full sun and rich soil and often do well in pots.

  • As your vine grows, tie it to a firmly planted stake to ensure a single, straight trunk. You may have to adjust your tie as the plant grows.

  • Encourage upward growth. During colder months, prune any lower shoots or leaves that may emerge and allow growth only on the uppermost part of the vine. This will give it a tree look.

  • Let your plant grow. In order to grow a sturdy grapevine tree, you plant will need several years of growth and pruning. The thick, woody vines take time to mature and must be constantly trained to grow upwards instead of out.

Tips & Warnings

  • Use your hands to pinch off any low-lying buds or leaves throughout the year.
  • It takes a lot of patience to grow a grapevine into a tree. Your plant may not start looking like a tree for over a year. But don't give up! Once you finally train your plant into the shape you want, they will grow for many years and continue to bear delicious fruit.


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