How to Use a Melon Baller

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A melon baller turns melon into bite-sized pieces.

A melon baller is a small tool with a specific name, but multiple uses. Whether you need to produce perfect balls of melon, cheese or chocolate, or require a tool that gives you precision and a sharp rounded edge, a melon baller is what you need. Melon ballers are readily available and inexpensive to purchase. They also come in a variety of sizes.

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  • Melon baller
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      Chose the melon baller that will produce the size ball you desire. The cup of the melon baller is the size of one half of the resulting ball. If you plan to ball a harder substance, such as cheese, choose a metal melon baller rather than plastic.

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      Press the top edges of the mellon baller into the surface of the substance you are balling. Press in deep enough to twist the baller clockwise and remove a perfect circle of melon, cheese or whatever substance you plan to ball.

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      Use your melon baller to remove the choke from an artichoke, seed a watermelon or hollow out vegetables. Other uses include forming truffle balls, miniature ice cream balls, removing the strings and seeds from squash and coring apples. You can perform any chore that requires round edges and precision with a melon baller.

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