How to Make a Sling (weapon)


A powerful weapon used since the beginning of civilization.Slings have been used by the Pharaohs, killed Spartans and fought of lions.

Things You'll Need

  • A roll of twine, hemp,jute,sisal,mason line #18 are all suitable for making a sling.
  • Clothes pins (optional)
  • scissors
  • I will have an article on how to use the sling soon. Slings can be Very Dangerous so take the time to learn to use one appropriately.Using a tennis ball as a projectile is a good idea for when just beginning to use a sling.

    Step 1:A sling is very simple to make and takes just a little practice to be able to do proficiently. Begin by cutting three lengths of string twice as long as your arms from one tip of your fingers to the other.Now line up the strings equally and find the exact middle of the strings by folding them in half.You will make a finger loop by starting 2 inches from the exact middle (either side) and braiding.How do you braid you ask? The same way you braid hair (see picture) once you have braided a length long enough to rap around your index finger then you will fold it in half and begin braiding the six strings.Its the same as three exact bundles of two.

  • Once you have formed the finger loop begin braiding until you have a length of braided cord the length of your arm (one arm).Once you have done this you will now make the pouch which holds the Rock in place. You can do this by seperating the strings into two piles of three strings, making a simple pouch.the pouch thats three inches long is ideal for tennis balls. A two inch pouch is good for small golf ball size rocks. You may prefer to have a pouch that is leather. Finish the sling by braiding the pouch (two braids three inches long then back to original braiding for other cord) and the release cord, the only difference is instead of a loop you have a small knot at the end of the cord.

  • A simpler sling can be made using two cords (thicker than string) and a leather square to serve as a pouch.Different pouches can be made such as woven pouches and split pouches etc. If you are interested in more complex and better slings take a look at

Tips & Warnings

  • Be patient and take your time
  • Slings are a possible dangerous weapon if not used properly, reference for appropriate sling techniques or even youtube.

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