How to Wear a Nose Clip


A nose clip helps swimmers keep water out of their nose during freestyle, backstroke, the butterfly and flip turns. Synchronized swimmers and snorkelers can also benefit from using these devices. When you aren't focused on the potential burning sensation that water up the nose can create, you're more likely to hone in on the mechanics of your stroke and technique, especially if you're a novice. Many top swimmers wear nose clips, including backstroke stars Missy Franklin and Tyler Clary. Knowing how and when to wear this small wire and rubber or silicone device to close off your nostrils may enhance your swimming.

Putting It On

  • Some noseclips come with an elastic strap that fits around your head and holds it in place. Place this around your head first and then squeeze the clip to open the tongs and fasten it to the bridge of your nose. It should feel snug, but not painful or pinching to your nose. You may need to adjust its position several times during your first few uses of the clip until you find the best place for it to rest on your nose.

Potential Drawbacks

  • If you're new to swimming, wearing a noseclip could impair learning to breathe properly. You may also have instances where excess snot builds up in the sinuses and you won't be able to evacuate it. Your overall breathing during swimming is also less efficient when wearing a plug.

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