How to Make an Easy Fruit Salad Recipe


To keep your fruit salad on the undemanding side, use the fruit you have on hand, adding seasonal fruit as available. Either let the juices from the fruit serve as the salad's dressing, or keep the dressing as simple as the salad, by using just one or two ingredients.


  • To reduce the spread of any bacteria or pesticides, wash all fruit thoroughly under running water before cutting them, even fruit you plan to peel, such as melons or oranges.



  • 2 apples
  • 2 bananas
  • 2 oranges
  • Other fruit, optional


  • Bring home apples that are sweet and crisp and meant to be eaten, not cooked. Your choices include Fuji or Red Delicious -- usually low-cost options -- Gala, Honeycrisp or SweeTango.


  • 1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice, optional
  • 1 teaspoon sugar, optional


  • Make the salad just before serving it. If you need to make it ahead of time, use the lemon juice dressing to keep the fruit from turning brown. Although the acidic juice from oranges helps keep the apples and bananas from turning brown, lemon juice is more effective when the salad needs to sit for an hour or more.


Cut the Oranges


  • Cutting the oranges first and stirring the other fruit into them allows you to coat the apple and banana pieces with orange juice immediately to help keep them from turning brown if you are not using the lemon juice dressing.

Slice off the top and bottom of the orange with a sharp paring knife.

Cut off segments of the peel by cutting down from the top of the orange to the bottom. Remove any remaining white pith on the sides or the bottom of the orange with additional cuts.

Cut the orange in half, and use your hands to remove the inner core and hard areas near the bottom of the fruit.

Lay the halves flat on your cutting board and slice them into bite-sized pieces, cutting first in one direction and then in the other. If your paring knife is not sharp, use a serrated knife and a sawing motion as you cut, so you don't press on the orange as you slice through it.

Assemble the Salad

Cut the apple and bananas into bite-sized pieces.

Add the apples and bananas to the oranges, and sprinkle on the lemon juice and sugar if you're using them.

Stir the ingredients thoroughly until all the fruit is completely combined or coated with the lemon juice and sugar.

Dressings and Garnishes

  • Stir in 1 tablespoon of lime or grapefruit juice instead of lemon juice.
  • Add 1 cup of plain or vanilla yogurt to the lemon juice and sugar for a creamy dressing.
  • Toast shredded coconut in a 350 degree Fahrenheit oven for 7 minutes to sprinkle over the top of the salad.
  • Add chopped fresh mint to any fruit salad or basil to a salad with strawberries.
  • Add minced or grated fresh ginger to add spiciness to the salad.

Serving Suggestions

  • On hot, summer days, toss in fresh strawberries, watermelon or blackberries and pair the salad with grilled chicken, beef or vegetables. 
  • Make a seasonal fruit salad, such as a nectarines and blueberry salad or a cantaloupe and kiwi salad, instead of one with apples, oranges and bananas. 
  • In the winter,  omit the bananas, double the number of orange segments and add diced kiwi. Serve the salad with a beef
    stew or roast chicken.
  • Create a tropical fruit salad with pineapple and mango chunks.

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