How to Grow a Sugar Cane Plant


Sugar cane is believed to have originated in the South Pacific and has been known for at least 2200 years. Sugarcane is grown in the world from altitude 36.7° N and 31.0° S, from sea level to 1000m of altitude or little more. The climate for growing sugar cane needs to be fairly dry, sunny and cool. Florida, Louisiana, Hawaii and Texas are the best climates in the United States to grow sugar cane plants. Growing and harvesting sugar cane plants is dependent upon viable seeds that are sometimes hard to find. For the best harvesting sugar cane needs a frost free season. The phase after harvesting is called breeding. Breeding takes place in factories that are able to provide the proper conditions and techniques required.

  • Cut sugar cane plants into sections and lay horizontally in furrows. A new plant stem section grows from the bud when laid horizontally. Cover them with soil to make the roots grow from the base of the new stem. Sugar cane branches underground to produce more from growth from the bud. Sugar cane plants are typically ready in 11-18 months.

  • Plant the sugar cane plants in rows about six feet apart from each other. This will make it easier for cultivation and weed control. The mature stems will grow and vary between 4 to 12 feet. There is a thin, hard outer surface with a soft center between the stems and nodes. The center is where the juice is contained.

  • More than one crop is harvested from a sugar cane planting. After the first crop is removed, it is likely that two or more crops will arise. This is the result of growing the sugar cane plants in the right way. New stalks cut near the ground level in harvesting will give way to produce more crops.

  • Get the right equipment for planting sugar cane. Harvesting sugar cane plants can be done at home with the right equipment. One might need feeder tables, cane carriers, and a cane unloader. The cane should then be taken to a factory to begin the necessary refining process. With some investment, the sugar cane business can be very lucrative.

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